We love working on unique projects and this is one we just couldn’t resist.  It’s a rare 1965 P10 Step Van.  We’re not sure how many of these vans were made but they are incredibly hard to find these days.  It’s possible they were just beat to death in commercial service and very few survived.  A local couple  found this one at a dealer in Texas and had it shipped to St. Pete.  Their plan is to use it for promoting their restaurants.   The dealer in Texas had done the difficult body work and it did run to a certain extent when it came to the shop.

Here are some pictures of the van as it was delivered to us.

P-10 Step Van restoration

P-10 Step Van as delivered

Step Van side window

It had a side window already added








P-10 Step Van dashboard

Original P-10 Step Van dash

Step van restoration

Step van interior before restoration








This is another instance where we’re  behind on our posts.  We’ve had the P10 for a couple of months now  and we have almost finished it.  It has been upgraded in every area and has been on the streets of St. Pete.  We’re wrapping up some of the final restoration items now and will be posting the completed restoration photos soon.