Here is the latest big project to hit the shop; a 1957 Chevy 210 two door hardtop.  This car has an amazing story and history with the new owner.  The car had been sitting in a barn in Pennsylvania since 1983.  The new owner used to play in this “barn car” when he was a little kid.  He kept in touch with the original owner over the years and ended up with the car when the owner finally decided to sell it.  How great is that ?








Sitting in that barn really protected the Chevy from the elements.  The original owner also took some smart steps to preserve the metal parts.  As a result the car is in amazing condition for it’s age.  The dash is intact,  it has all 1957 sheet metal on it, all the trim (in great shape) and all the original glass.

No barn car would be complete without the usual rodent carcasses.








The car did have some floor rust from old window leaks and the typical damage in the fenders and quarters .  We replaced a lot of extra steel in order to access the seat supports and old floor supports.  We wanted to be able to treat any rust hidden in those places. The outer rockers also had some damage so we took the opportunity to replace those with new metal.








The plan for this car is a resto-mod treatment.  It will have updated brakes, suspension and electrical along with a more modern power train. It will be a show-quality cruiser, updated to Bel Air trim level when finished.

We’ll be putting the body on the rotisserie and starting the chassis restoration soon.