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Bodega on Central- 1965 Chevy P10 Step Van is on the road !

The vintage step van for George and Debbie’s restaurant is back in their hands and ready for some fun.

It’s always interesting to step back  and see how these projects started out.  For that we’ll give you some side-by side before and after pictures.

Step Van

P-10 Step Van as delivered

Step van restortion

Step Van ready for its sign painter









The two tone paint is topped off with a matte finish clear coat.  Bumpers and trim items were painted with a gloss black for some contrast.

Beside all the cosmetic work we also  addressed quite a few items to make the van safer and more dependable.  The mechanical upgrades include rebuilt front suspension and steering , a new steering column, an upgrade to front disc brakes,  a complete rewiring, new lights inside and out,  upgraded alternator, carburetor, battery, radiator and conversion to an electric cooling fan system.  We also installed LED back -up lights and a back-up camera system.  The wheels were -upsized to work with the new disc brakes and painted to match the restaurant logo.

The interior has come a long way too.  As part of the interior restoration we added jump seats and LED lighting.  The engine compartment was sealed off and insulated to reduce noise.

Step Van interior clean up

We needed to really clean up interior

Step van interior restoration with jump seat

Ready for business…and a passenger in the jump seat








The driver spends a lot of time looking at the dashboard so we tend to put extra emphasis on making them look good.  The P10 had a very worn and tired dash when it came in.  You can’t get replacement parts so we restored the original instrument cluster.  Next we added real gauges including a tachometer to monitor the health of the vintage engine.

Step van dashboard

Original dash

Step van customized gauges

Restored dash with added gauges








There’s not much in the way of creature comfort in these vans.  You leave the doors open and enjoy nature as you cruise along.  We were able to restore the original heater- defroster system for those times when you just can’t do without.  It’s that odd looking white box to the right of the dash.

Step van heater box

Heater/defrost box to the right


Here a two more views of the van. The rear bumper is a one-off custom made from the original.  The van will soon have the restaurant signs on it.  If you frequent the  downtown St. Pete area, keep an eye out for this great looking van and swing by the Bodega for some seriously good food. You might also see the van at their new restaurant in Tampa.

Step van sliding door

Sliding door makes it easy to hop in the van

Step van rear doors

Rear doors open wide for loading and unloading

1965 Chevy P10 Step Van Restoration

We love working on unique projects and this is one we just couldn’t resist.  It’s a rare 1965 P10 Step Van.  We’re not sure how many of these vans were made but they are incredibly hard to find these days.  It’s possible they were just beat to death in commercial service and very few survived.  A local couple  found this one at a dealer in Texas and had it shipped to St. Pete.  Their plan is to use it for promoting their restaurants.   The dealer in Texas had done the difficult body work and it did run to a certain extent when it came to the shop.

Here are some pictures of the van as it was delivered to us.

P-10 Step Van restoration

P-10 Step Van as delivered

Step Van side window

It had a side window already added








P-10 Step Van dashboard

Original P-10 Step Van dash

Step van restoration

Step van interior before restoration








This is another instance where we’re  behind on our posts.  We’ve had the P10 for a couple of months now  and we have almost finished it.  It has been upgraded in every area and has been on the streets of St. Pete.  We’re wrapping up some of the final restoration items now and will be posting the completed restoration photos soon.

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