For your convenience, our most common customer questions are answered right here.

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Do you do rust repair?

Do we ever!  We can handle anything from minor repairs to major reconstruction.  We don’t slap some putty over the rust holes and call it repaired.  We remove the damaged metal and weld in new steel.  For milder surface rust we can also use a variety of chemical treatments to convert existing rust and slow the formation of new rust.


What are your shop hours? 

This may sound strange but we don’t have a regular schedule. We flex our hours and days around our customer’s needs and the demands of the project.   This allows us to finish projects faster and more efficiently.  We take pride in meeting our customer’s time lines and don’t just drop our tools because it’s five o’clock.  We generally start around 9:00 am and stay until the day’s goals are achieved.  We’re typically at the shop until at least 6:00 pm.  Sometimes were there all weekend if a project requires it.  All of our work is by appointment which allows us to meet our customer’s schedules.


I went by your shop during the week and all the doors were closed, what’s going on?

Air-conditioning! We have one of the only shops that’s fully air-conditioned.  If it’s hot and muggy out and the doors are closed, we’re probably inside working in comfort.  This makes a big difference in work efficiency and keeps us from sweating all over your prized possession.  Just walk on in or knock on the door.  If the door is locked and we don’t answer your knock then we’re really gone. There are times when we close up the shop to run for parts, check out cars for customers etc.  The number is on the sign. If you need us just call and we’ll let you know when we can meet.


What kind of vehicles do you work on?

Pretty much anything made of metal or fiberglass that has wheels.  We like cars, trucks, new or old, any brand, and any model.  We don’t specialize in a particular brand or type.  As you would expect we have more experience with the more common muscle cars like Mustangs, Corvettes and Camaros but we’ll work on just about anything.  We have very little experience with motorcycles though.


Do you handle insurance claims?

Yes we do but unlike high volume body shops, this is not our target business.


Do you give prices or quotes by phone or e-mail?

No.  It’s not possible to give an estimate without seeing the vehicle and determining what is really needed.   Every vehicle is different and the labor needed to do a certain job varies.  This is particularly true with rust repair.  Beware of any shop that will quote a price without carefully inspecting the vehicle.  You are being baited with a low number to get you in the door and will be hit with major up-charges once the work is underway.


Do you do welding?

Yes we offer a wide variety of welding services and not just on motor vehicles.


Do you do fiberglass work?

Yes.  We can do fiberglass repairs on Corvettes, go-kart bodies, boats and personal watercraft. We can also do some limited custom work or one-off parts in fiberglass.


Do you do interiors and upholstery work?

We do a variety of interior repair and restoration work.  We can install your reproduction interior kits, including seat upholstery and padding, carpet, sound insulation, fabric headliners, door panels and any hardware items.  The only thing we really don’t do is custom upholstery.  In other words we can’t make your seat covers but we can install any of the products made by companies like PUI.


Do you rebuild engines?

We can and we have but we prefer that you utilize one of the local automotive machine shops in the area.  We don’t consider motor building to be one of our specialties.  We’ll be happy to install and start up your used, rebuilt or new crate motor.


Do you rebuild transmissions and differentials?

Rebuilding transmissions and setting up differentials requires a tremendous amount of experience and knowledge, especially if you are building for high performance.  We utilize Jimmy’s Transmission Service (located next to our shop 727-328-8588) for all of our transmission and differential work.


Can I bring my vehicle to you and have you work on it as my funds become available?

Unfortunately we can’t handle “fill in work” type projects.  We just don’t have the storage space.  We’ll be happy to work with you and your budget though. We can break your project down into small, logical sections and do them as your budget permits.  You bring in the vehicle, we knock out that project segment and you take the vehicle home to enjoy until your budget is ready for the next step.


Do you only do full restorations or rebuilds?

We’ll do as little or as much as you would like us to.  Many of our customers enjoy working on their vehicles and like to do some of the restoration work themselves.  We don’t have a problem doing some work, turning the vehicle back to you for some work and then taking the car back for additional work. We’re very flexible.


Can I work with Bill’s Restorations on my vehicle or work on my vehicle in your shop?

No.  Our insurance expressly prohibits customers from working on their vehicles in our shop.


I have a project that I started years ago and never finished.  Do you finish projects for people?

We certainly do.  This is a very common scenario.  Many people buy project vehicles with good intentions and then run into hurdles that can cause the project to go dormant for years. We’ll be happy to finish your project to any stage you’d like.  You can drop off a body shell and a pile of parts and drive away in a finished vehicle.


I found what I think is a cool vehicle to restore but I’m not sure if it’s a good deal or worth restoring.  Can you help?

Yes, we can evaluate a vehicle before you buy it and provide recommendations on whether to walk away or start negotiations.  If you are just getting into the car restoration hobby you may not know what to look for on these projects.  This can turn into an expensive learning experience.  We can also evaluate the project against your budget to determine if it’s a good match for you.  We’re pretty good at finding issues that may not rule the vehicle out but could save you some money in the negotiations.  We offer this service for local vehicles and charge a modest fee.  We warn everyone to avoid buying vehicles over the internet without seeing them in person.  It’s amazing what you can hide in a well framed photo.


Can I supply my own parts or do you have to get them?

We’re fine with either method. One point of caution though; Sometimes you can’t tell that the new part is not correct until you remove the old one and try to install the new one.  There were subtle differences in parts for a given model of car even during a single model year.  If you provide the parts and they are not correct, you are responsible for any labor involved in the removal and installation.


Do you mark up the price of the parts that you buy for my vehicle?

No we don’t.  Finding vintage car parts and researching variations in parts can take a lot of time.  Car shops handle this two different ways; they either charge a premium on all parts or bill for time when they have to search for parts.  We like the second method as it is fairer to the customer.   If we order a part locally by phone in thirty seconds, why should the customer have to pay a 10-20% mark-up?  If we’re placing an internet order for $5K worth of parts, it may only take a few minutes.  If we charged a mark-up, that could add $500 – $1000 to your bill.  Since the majority of parts orders are simple, we think it’s better just to charge you for the time we spend on the hard to find stuff.


My car doesn’t run and is in pieces.  How do I get it to you for an assessment?

We’ll come to you.  This is a very common scenario and it is easier for everyone if we see your project where it sits.


I don’t like to let my baby out of my sight.  Will you work on my vehicle in my garage or shop?

We can and we have but it is not a cost efficient way to do it.  We can’t bring every tool and supply with us and it’s likely that we won’t bring that one little thing that we really needed. If it’s a small repair item that’s preventing you from bringing the car to our shop, we can help you there. Say for example that you need to replace the starter or the car hasn’t been started in a year and is being stubborn; we can take care of that.