For your convenience, our most common customer questions are answered right here.

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Do you do rust repair?

Do we ever!  We can handle anything from minor repairs to major reconstruction.  We don’t slap some putty over the rust holes and call it repaired.  We remove the damaged metal and weld in new steel.  For milder surface rust we can also use a variety of chemical treatments to convert existing rust and slow the formation of new rust.


What are your shop hours? 

This may sound strange but we don’t have a regular schedule. We flex our hours and days around our customer’s needs and the demands of the project.   This allows us to finish projects faster and more efficiently.  We take pride in meeting our customer’s time lines and don’t just drop our tools because it’s five o’clock.  We generally start around 9:00 am and stay until the day’s goals are achieved.  We’re typically at the shop until at least 6:00 pm.  Sometimes were there all weekend if a project requires it.  All of our work is by appointment which allows us to meet our customer’s schedules.


I went by your shop during the week and all the doors were closed, what’s going on?

Air-conditioning! We have one of the only shops that’s fully air-conditioned.  If it’s hot and muggy out and the doors are closed, we’re probably inside working in comfort.  This makes a big difference in work efficiency and keeps us from sweating all over your prized possession.  Just walk on in or knock on the door.  If the door is locked and we don’t answer your knock then we’re really gone. There are times when we close up the shop to run for parts, check out cars for customers etc.  The number is on the sign. If you need us just call and we’ll let you know when we can meet.


What kind of vehicles do you work on?

Pretty much anything vintage made of metal or fiberglass that has wheels.  We like cars and trucks, any brand, and any model.  We don’t specialize in a particular brand or type.  As you would expect we have a lot of experience with the more common vehicles like Mustangs, Chevelles, Camaros and 50’s trucks but we like variety and enjoy a challenge.  We have very little experience with motorcycles though.


Do you handle insurance claims?

Yes we do handle claims on vintage vehicles but unlike regular paint and body shops, this is not our target business.


Do you give prices or quotes by phone or e-mail?

No.  It’s not possible to give an estimate without seeing the vehicle and determining what is really needed.   Every vehicle is different and the labor needed to do a certain job varies.  This is particularly true with rust repair.  Beware of any shop that will quote a price without carefully inspecting the vehicle.  You are being baited with a low number to get you in the door and will be hit with major up-charges once the work is underway.


How do you charge for your work ?

The majority of our work is billed using the “time and materials” method.  As the name implies, we bill based on the amount of time it takes to do the work and add in any parts or materials we used.  There are so many variables and unknowns when dealing with vintage vehicles that it’s impossible to determine a fixed price up front.  We get many calls from people seeking “quotes”.  Unlike with modern vehicle repairs, it can’t be done.  We know this can be scary to customers but that’s why you go to a shop with a reputation for honesty and good value.  At our shop we put in limits to protect the customer that they control which are also legally binding.  We can’t spend your money without your permission !


I tried calling your shop and no one answered the phone,  why is that ?

The short answer is we’re all really busy building incredible cars and trucks.  To maintain our excellent value, we don’t have extra employees that would add to our overhead expenses.  We don’t have an “office” person or sales people.  Everyone who works at our shop is actively building cars and trucks all day. We get an incredible number of calls each day and just can’t get to all of them.  We know this can be frustrating to potential customers.  Our best suggestion is to send us an email.  We can get back to you after hours when we don’t have tools in our hands.


Do you do fiberglass work?

Yes.  We can do fiberglass repairs on Corvettes and also do some limited custom work or one-off parts in fiberglass.


Do you do interiors and upholstery work?

We do a variety of interior repair and restoration work.  We can install your reproduction interior kits, including seat upholstery and padding, carpet, sound insulation, fabric headliners, door panels and any hardware items.  The only thing we really don’t do is custom upholstery.  In other words we can’t make your seat covers but we can install any of the products made by companies like PUI.


Can you restore my dash ?

Definitely !  Whether you’re looking for an original restoration or a modern update, we can handle your project.  We’re experts at sorting out mechanical and electrical dash issues.


Do you rebuild engines?

We can and we have but we prefer that you utilize one of the local automotive machine shops in the area for full rebuilds.   We do a variety of engine upgrades such as fuel systems, ignition work, cylinder head swaps etc.    We’ll also be happy to install and start up your used, rebuilt or new crate motor.   Let us know what you need and we’ll get you on the right path. 


Do you rebuild transmissions and differentials?

Rebuilding transmissions and setting up differentials requires a tremendous amount of experience and knowledge, especially if you are building for high performance.  We don’t feel we’re good enough so we utilize other highly skilled shops for this work.  Although we don’t rebuild these items, we do install and remove them on a regular basis.  We can also convert your vehicle from an  automatic transmission to a manual or go the other direction.


Can I bring my vehicle to you and have you work on it as my funds become available?

Unfortunately we can’t handle “fill in work” type projects.  We just don’t have the storage space.  We’ll be happy to work with you and your budget though. We can break your project down into small, logical sections and do them as your budget permits.  You bring in the vehicle, we knock out that project segment and you take the vehicle home to enjoy until your budget is ready for the next step.


Do you only do full restorations ?

We specialize in major restorations but we also do quite a bit of smaller upgrade or improvement projects.  These could be things like suspension upgrades, a new interior, vehicle rewiring, adding AC or an engine swap.   We no longer do small repairs like tune-ups and brake jobs unless they are part of a larger project.  We’re not being snobs, it’s a scheduling  issue.  Most customers need this work done urgently.  Our shop is usually filled with longer term projects and we just can’t work these urgent jobs in on short notice. 


Can I do part of the project myself and have your shop do the other stuff ?

Many of our customers enjoy working on their vehicles and like to do some of the restoration work themselves.  We don’t have a problem sharing the project with you.  This scenario is definitely more challenging as either party can be taking on work that they didn’t start.  A very high level of communication is needed  for this to be successful.  On the plus side we’ve done this many times.


Can I work with Bill’s Restorations on my vehicle or work on my vehicle in your shop?

No.  Our insurance expressly prohibits customers from working on their vehicles in our shop.


Can I bring my vehicle to you for just a paint job ?

As a general rule we no longer do stand alone paint jobs.  For a number of logistical reasons, we only paint cars and trucks as part of a major restoration project.  Our shop builds vehicles from the ground up as opposed to a typical body shop that just does paint work.  If all you need is some basic body work and paint, we suggest that you check with the many local paint and body shops. They have the ability to get you scheduled much faster and can be more price competitive as that’s the only work they do.


I have a project that I started years ago and never finished.  Do you finish projects for people?

We certainly do.  This is a very common scenario.  Many people buy project vehicles with good intentions and then run into hurdles that can cause the project to go dormant for years. We’ll be happy to finish your project to any stage you’d like.  You can drop off a body shell and a pile of parts and drive away in a finished vehicle.


Can I supply my own parts or do you have to get them?

We’re fine with either method. One point of caution though; Sometimes you can’t tell that the new part is not correct until you remove the old one and try to install the new one.  There are subtle differences in parts for a given model of car even during a single model year.  If you provide the parts and they are not correct, you are responsible for any labor involved in the removal and installation.


Do you mark up the price of the parts that you buy for my vehicle?

No we don’t.  Finding vintage car parts and researching variations in parts can take a lot of time.  Car shops handle this two different ways; they either charge a premium on all parts or bill for time when they have to search for parts.  We like the second method as it is fairer to the customer.   If we order a part locally by phone in thirty seconds, why should the customer have to pay a 10-20% mark-up?  If we’re placing an internet order for $5K worth of parts, it may only take a few minutes.  If we charged a mark-up, that could add $500 – $1000 to your bill.  Since the majority of parts orders are simple, we think it’s better just to charge you for the time we spend on the hard to find stuff.


My car doesn’t run and is in pieces.  How do I get it to you for an assessment?

We can do a rough evaluation with photos and follow-up communications.  We prefer that you send them to us via our email address.  We can only get into so much detail without physically digging into the vehicle.


I don’t like to let my baby out of my sight.  Will you work on my vehicle in my garage or shop?

We used to do some mobile work in our early days but we’ve just gotten too busy to handle it.   We specialize in vintage and classic vehicles and know how to take care of them when in our shop.   We’re used to working around show-quality paint and custom interiors and take extensive care to protect every part of your vehicle.  We also never put vehicles outdoors if we are not on site.  In summary, you can rest easy when your vehicle is in our shop.


Another shop started working on my car and made a mess of it.  Can you salvage my project ?

Yes. Sadly, we do this a lot.  Many projects that we complete started at another shop.  The owner saw things going the wrong way and took the vehicle back.  We have the engineering skill and knowledge to reverse a lot of the mistakes created at another shop.  Just keep in mind; we can save your vehicle but unfortunately not your budget. You’ll be essentially starting over and the money spent on the bad work can’t be made up for.