We did a write-up awhile ago that showed the complete body reconstruction of a 1971 Camaro.  At the end we said the owner was taking the car back to do some work himself and we haven’t done an update since then.   I won’t keep you in suspense. The car is finished, on the road and absolutely beautiful.

When the owner took the car back the first time it was  a rust-free, rolling shell in primer.  He continued to work on the car with our crew providing back up support.  The car came back to our shop for the drive-train work.  Here’s what it looked like after the second round at our shop.







We took the car to the point where it would run and drive, then turned it back over to the owner.  This is as far as our shop went with it.  With the help of friends and family the owner finished the car and here’s the final result.







This car went from a pile of rusty metal to a beautiful show car.  We wish we could take credit for the entire restoration but we’re happy that we were able to  make significant  contributions  to the preservation of this incredible Gen II model.  This just goes to show that  amazing things can be accomplished with good collaboration between a resto shop and the car owner.