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Whatever It Takes !

We’re up to a challenge at Bill’s Auto Restoration. We don’t avoid doing something just because it’s difficult. At Bill’s, a little discomfort will never stop us from getting the job done right.


We’ve been so busy restoring cars and trucks that we’ve let our website get a bit stale. Our last update was three years ago….. We’re still just as busy but we’re making a concerted effort to get some fresh content on our site. We just updated our website to include many more “Before and After” photos and also our “Customer’s Rides” page. We’ve updated our “Question and Answer” page to better reflect our business in 2022. We’ve built and restored so many cool vehicles since our last update. We wish we could do a build story on all of them but it’s just not possible. In the near future, we’re going to pick a few projects that we feel are unique and interesting and share the fun with you.

Rare Jeepster Sighting – Twice

The Jeepster Commando is a pretty rare vehicle.  They were only made for a few years and not many survived to modern times.  The odds of getting two of them in our shop within the same month is extremely low, yet it happened.  The Commandos that came to our shop were at each end of the spectrum.  Don’s 1971 model was a true barn find and we got to see it basically in the   “as extracted” state.  This Jeepster was bone stock and about as original as you will ever find, right down to the factory floor mats.   Previn’s 1970 model was on the other end of the scale.  It had been restored and highly customized over the years while retaining the original power train.  We performed a variety of mechanical repairs and upgrades to the two vehicles and we look forward to the next round of upgrades the owners have planned.

Don’s 1970 Commando going for a test drive after some upgrades
Previn’s 1970 Commando after we restored the stock ride height

We Do Fuel Injection Conversions!

Are you’re tired of doing battle with your old or new carburetor ?  Do you wish your vintage vehicle would start and run as nicely as your modern car ?  The new fuel injection conversion kits  can really improve the driving experience of vintage vehicles. The prices have come down to the point where they are a viable option for many budgets.  Converting from a carburetor to EFI isn’t quite as simple as it looks in the ads.   I wrote an article that I hope will inform everyone about this technology.   It’s a long article, but it covers many of  the things you need to know before you dive into this project.  Check it out and decide if EFI is for you. If you don’t feel comfortable tackling this project yourself, give us a call.

electronic fuel injection conversion

We can convert carburetor to EFI (electronic fuel injection)

Vehicle sightings in Europe

We saw quite a few interesting cars, motorcycles and bikes while visiting parts of Europe last October. Check out these tiny cars:

There were some pretty tiny work vehicles too:


Then there were the bicycles and scooters in the Netherlands…very creative to say the least:


Bill liked the tricked out motorcycles in Germany-  Some of them held three people in individual seats.  They were powered by high-performance four cylinder car engines.  The best we could determine without a translator was that they cost 40,000 Euros (over $50K in US dollars).  That seemed reasonable for these engineering marvels.








The classic  American cars still steal the show over there….  We spotted the Bel Air in Switzerland along with a 1960 Cadillac convertible.  The Tattoo parlor bench was in Amsterdam








We have no idea what this means…….








Do they have hail storms in Switzerland ?








A Tesla taxi in Amsterdam.  Now that’s class.



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