The Jeepster Commando is a pretty rare vehicle.  They were only made for a few years and not many survived to modern times.  The odds of getting two of them in our shop within the same month is extremely low, yet it happened.  The Commandos that came to our shop were at each end of the spectrum.  Don’s 1971 model was a true barn find and we got to see it basically in the   “as extracted” state.  This Jeepster was bone stock and about as original as you will ever find, right down to the factory floor mats.   Previn’s 1970 model was on the other end of the scale.  It had been restored and highly customized over the years while retaining the original power train.  We performed a variety of mechanical repairs and upgrades to the two vehicles and we look forward to the next round of upgrades the owners have planned.

Don’s 1970 Commando going for a test drive after some upgrades
Previn’s 1970 Commando after we restored the stock ride height