We saw quite a few interesting cars, motorcycles and bikes while visiting parts of Europe last October. Check out these tiny cars:

There were some pretty tiny work vehicles too:


Then there were the bicycles and scooters in the Netherlands…very creative to say the least:


Bill liked the tricked out motorcycles in Germany-  Some of them held three people in individual seats.  They were powered by high-performance four cylinder car engines.  The best we could determine without a translator was that they cost 40,000 Euros (over $50K in US dollars).  That seemed reasonable for these engineering marvels.








The classic  American cars still steal the show over there….  We spotted the Bel Air in Switzerland along with a 1960 Cadillac convertible.  The Tattoo parlor bench was in Amsterdam








We have no idea what this means…….








Do they have hail storms in Switzerland ?








A Tesla taxi in Amsterdam.  Now that’s class.