We just wanted to share some pictures of the 1957 Belair we restored.  Pictures really don’t do this car justice but we’ll post them anyway.  We’ll also throw in a few “before” pictures so you can appreciate what a journey it was.  We shot these pictures under over-cast conditions.  Had we shot them under full sun all you would see would be a large glare spot.  The silver paint we used on the body will almost blind you in direct sunlight.

This Belair is truly one of a kind.  The more you look at it the more custom features you discover.  It’s also a wonderful car to drive featuring a 385 hp fuel injected engine,  automatic overdrive transmission, rack and pinion power steering, four wheel disc brakes, air conditioning, upgraded suspension and a very luxurious interior.

Lets start here.   On the left is my first view of the car after it was shipped down from Pennsylvania.

We lowered the car to the owner’s taste.  The front view is incredible.  It looks like the chrome runs all the way down to the road.  The Chevy designers sure knew how to make a good looking front end.  We like to think we improved it even further.

It’s easy to see why the tri-five Chevys continue to be one of the most popular vintage cars.  It’s hard to top the styling that was incorporated into the bodies of these cars.

The owners wanted a very clean looking engine compartment.  Most of the hoses, wiring and AC components are tucked out of view.   The polished billet items on the engine draw your attention against the satin black background.   For fun we included a picture of the engine compartment “as-received”.

The interior on this car will really get your attention.  It looks incredible and we guarantee that it’s the only one in existence.  Like the rest of the car, it’s loaded with custom touches.  We carried the charcoal color used on the roof down to the dash, then along the tops of the doors.   The owners had some great ideas on the style and overall look of the upholstery.  We started with that and a lot of the details evolved as the interior was being created.   Everything right down to the thread color was specifically chosen to create the unique look.

The dash on this car is a work of art.  They were stylish and beautiful from the factory and we took it to the next level.   The dash incorporates the two paint colors used on the body. We upgraded the gauges using the original restored housing. The radio looks vintage but is a modern system with Bluetooth and all the other goodies.

The owners fully intend to drive this car so keep an eye out for it in the local area.   If you’re at a car show, just look for the big crowd and you’ll find it.